Introducing our six new projects!

We are very pleased to be part of six new projects, two of which we are coordinating – Metropolis and Gender+.

Metropolis Logo v1


Metropolis – linking cultural heritage to the jobs of the future – is a 30-month Erasmus+ KA1 project. Inspired by the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Metropolis attempts to celebrate forgotten aspects of industrial heritage and to use this revival to engage young people with their local regions’ employment potential. We are leading this project and are working alongside five other partners from Cyprus, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

Metropolis will pursue three main objectives:

  • To fill the gap in knowledge of younger generations regarding the industrial past of their local areas, shifting their attitude from negative prejudices of decline to a more constructive and optimistic one.
  • To use this awareness to better understand the potential and demands of local labour markets, to guide younger generations towards the acquisition of skills which are more in line with local demands.
  • As these generations are highly digitised, to provide guidance and education professionals with the skills necessary to use digital technology in helping young people entered the job market.



Gender+ is a two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project which will develop governance and benchmarking tools to improve gender inclusivity within VET. Many courses are split along traditional gender lines and minority gender groups are underrepresented. Therefore, our project will produce a series of related resources:

  • A Gender+ Charter will set out the minimum requirements an organisation should conform to in order to consider its provisions gender positive.
  • A benchmarking tool where practitioners will assess their services and track improvement, scoring themselves against the Charter in order to form a ‘Gender Footprint’. Organisations that score highly against the benchmarking tool will then be awarded a Gender+ quality mark.
  • A skills profile and resources for the development of a Gender Champion role will also be created.

We are the coordinators of this project and looking forward to working with our partners from Bulgaria, Italy, Finland, Slovenia and Cyprus.

Please find more information about the project on our Facebook and  Twitter profiles.

gender+ group


JSPO is a three-year Erasmus+ KA2 project which will develop tools to help the spread of game-based learning approaches in guidance. This will be achieved by developing an online platform where best practices, games and resources can be shared and rated as well as documents which will instruct users on how to build a good game and highlight the advantages of integrating games into teaching and guidance practices. This platform will have a space for professionals to communicate and learn from one another as well as a space for young people to share their recommendations and comments about the educational games provided. We are a partner in this project alongside organisations from France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.


NADINE is a three-year Horizon2020 project which will use open data to develop a range of tools and resources to help integrate migrants and refugees into European society and employment whilst protecting their rights and personal data. This will be achieved by creating ICT solutions which will adapt to the needs of each person and efficiently aid the integration process. Some of the many resources NADINE will develop include a skills matching system where migrants’ current skills will be matched with the skills needed by the host country, individualised training that is adapted to users’ knowledge and abilities, and services to assist with the integration of migrants and their families into their host society. We are a partner in this project alongside 12 organisations from Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and Spain.

Please find more information about the project on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.



ACCEnT is a two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project aimed at counselling, guidance and coaching practitioners. We are a partner in this project alongside organisations from Ireland, Finland and Portugal and Germany. ACCEnT will enhance the knowledge and qualifications of counselling practitioners working with hard to reach groups and people at risk by developing an innovative online training course, an area to share good practices and accompanying e-tools. The online course will allow practitioners to choose specific modules as and when needed, and provide training and certification on social, educational and cultural barriers. This will ultimately enable them to more effectively integrate hard-to-reach groups into the labour market.



Academia+ is a three-year Erasmus+ KA2 project which will further facilitate the transition between training and work and between different jobs and countries by providing guidance professionals with the opportunity to attend training in partner countries where they can learn and exchange experience. This will be achieved by providing concrete tools, support and resources which demonstrate the value of mobility and transnational learning for professionals, and so help to increase the uptake of opportunities in different countries. By focusing on the development of training programmes to address urgent issues and current key challenges in labour market and counselling, Academia+ supports the provision of better services and guidance on skills and qualifications. We are a partner in this project alongside organisations from Luxembourg, Portugal, Lithuania and Germany.



For more information about any of our new projects, go to our website where further details, as well as Facebook and Twitter links, are be posted.

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