A First for Felix; Future Time Traveller in Furth

September into October has been a whirlwind of a two month spell; I had been part of the apire-international team for a short 3 weeks, when I have the honour and privilege to go to the second transnational meeting for the KA3 funded project Future Time Traveller. The meeting was in Fürth near Nuremberg Germany; a country which I have grown fondly of, after running an international exchange in my previous job. My tour buddy was the travelling wizard Lauren van Heel who has been on more flights than a private plane owner.

We attended the two-day meeting along with our partners from Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Portugal to discuss the progress of the project and future planning and outcomes for the next two and a half years of the project. A little bit of background around Future Time traveller, the aim of the project is to transform career guidance of generation Z through introducing an innovative, games-based scenario approach to prepare the next generation for the jobs of the future.

For my first meeting it was fascinating to see how our individual work in each partnering European country is interconnected; throughout the meeting, it was clear that there are both huge possibilities and challenges ahead to develop a tool which creates real impact. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the project and seeing what we can deliver for the young adults of Bradford and our European partners.


It was great meeting our European partners who were very welcoming; we went for a traditional Bavarian meal which can only be described as meat overload. After our meeting had concluded I had some time to visit some sites in Nuremberg, which is one of Germany’s historic cities. One thing I do love about the places where we have these transnational meetings is that they make great Instagram posts.


My next trip will be in November to Fürth again, this time for the KA2 funded project Metropolis. Stay tuned and maybe give my Instagram a cheeky follow.

Peace Love & Hair Grease

Felix J Prince



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