New Projects Starting This Autumn

Over the summer, we have been delighted to be part of three successful Erasmus+ project bids. These projects will be starting over the coming months, with each looking to develop innovative, new resources for the vocational training- and careers sectors.


The first project to begin has been Level Up, a three-year vocational training Erasmus+ KA2 project which started earlier this month. We are the coordinators of the project and will be working with partners from Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Hungary and the UK. Each partner brings a different area of expertise to the project, with vocational schools, labour offices and higher education institutions amongst those involved. Level Up will explore game-based learning approaches to develop an interactive tool for use in guidance sessions with young people. In part, this approach will begin to breakdown stereotypes around vocational routes being a ‘second choice’ to academic higher education, by highlighting that learning outcomes in vocational training are as varied and complex as those found in university courses etc. At the same, the game-based tool will link into wider labour market information, in order to demonstrate to young people the value which vocational training has on long-term career progression.

The project starting in November will be the NewT4S project, which follows on from much of the good work we have carried out on the Experience for Training project over recent years. This two-year Erasmus+ project is led by partners in Belgium and will involve other organisations from France, Italy and Portugal. The project’s aim is to improve the competences and skills of vocational trainers by offering a space in which to share knowledge, know-how and tools around work-based learning. This exchange should enrich existing good practices, whilst promoting equality, inclusivity and participation amongst priority groups. The project will also look to develop new resources for the sector in order to fill need and skills gaps for trainers.

Our final new project is called Future Time Traveller, and this will be a three-year project starting in December 2017. The project is being funded by the European Commission through its Future-Looking KA3 Collaborations strand and is coordinated by Business Foundation for Education based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The other partners on the project come from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Germany and Greece. Like Level Up, the project will explore cutting-edge technology and the role it can play in careers guidance, as partners will develop and test a virtual reality environment for young people to learn about the careers of the future. This will be complemented by a series of reports, best practice collections and resources which will look to develop careers advisors’ skills in using these technologies.


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