German Interns Visit National Careers Service

Aspire-igen has been delighted to welcome two interns from the University of Applied Labour Studies in Germany to Yorkshire this month. They will be spending 4 weeks shadowing our National Careers Service staff in Bradford and York. Here Fabian Kinzius tells us about his first few weeks in Bradford.

My name is Fabian, I am 21 years old and from Berlin, Germany.

I am studying Labour Market Management at the Federal Employment Agency’s university in Germany. This summer I got the opportunity to spend four weeks abroad. I was very interested in an internship at a careers company. I also really wanted to go to Great Britain. I had been to the south of England before so I was very happy to get the chance to undertake an internship at Aspire-igen in Bradford, Yorkshire.

During my first day, Matthew Brannan, Employment and Skills Manager at the National Careers Service, showed me the building and introduced me to all his colleagues. After that he also explained the many departments of Aspire-igen and how they deliver careers guidance and training to lots of different groups across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Throughout the rest of the week I shadowed different advisors from the centre. A highlight of Tuesday was a tour of Bradford (complete with cake from Patisserie Valerie!). The following day I visited a nearby training company where advisors work with trainees to help them with writing a CV, finding job offers and using the other support services offered by Aspire Igen.

I also got to see an advisor deliver a presentation called “Connecting with employment”. In it they talked about the hidden job market, computer programmes that scan applications and other very important topics about the labour market. I could see parallels to German group events at the Federal Employment Agency but I also learnt a lot of new things.

On Thursday I went to Bradford College to see the work which the National Careers Service carries out there (one-to-one appointments in the college for students etc.). Here I got to learn a lot about the British education system and I had the opportunity to talk with a social worker about the welfare services offered by the college to vulnerable students. That evening I also got to sample some English beer with colleagues in a traditional pub and had a great evening!

On Friday I got the chance to observe Andrew, another careers advisor, during a one-to-one appointment. He helped a client by writing a CV and gave him meaningful advice about the labour market and applications. As he has lived in Germany and speaks very good German, I was also able to speak a little bit in my native language.

Looking back on my first week I can say that it was definitely a very good choice to spend my internship at Aspire-igen. I am very thankful to all my colleagues for taking so much time out for me and I am looking forward to the next three weeks here in Bradford.

Look out for a blog from the second of our German interns about her time in York in the coming weeks.


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