aspire-international goes global

We are delighted to share with you that we have been part of a successful bid to provide support to the Egyptian government within the field of vocational training and careers advice. Whilst we have a long history of working on European projects, this will be the first time we work beyond Europe’s borders!

Involving a consortium led by European Profiles based in Athens, and including partners in Turkey and Latvia, the two year project is being funded through the European Commission’s EuropeAid programme, which looks to support developing countries around the world.

Since the 2011 revolution in Egypt, unemployment has increased across the country, particularly amongst the young. Therefore, an overarching aim of the project is to improve social inclusion and reduce poverty by helping people overcome barriers to employment.

This will be achieved through both developing the careers advice and guidance provision provided nationally across Egypt and supporting the redevelopment of training courses, to make sure that the skills of learners meet the demands of the labour market.

These aims are a perfect fit for the wider expertise found within our parent organisation, aspire-igen. The company operates several National Careers Service opportunity centres across Yorkshire and the Humber which offer careers advice to adults. At the same time its Shine service provides guidance in schools across the region, whilst the company also runs vocational training for young people through its aspire2work scheme.

“We are delighted to be entering new territory with this project” states our Chief Executive Caroline Harrison. “We have a well-established reputation for collaborating on European projects and so the move into EuropeAid initiatives was a logical next step.”

“The deal is particularly significant following June’s decision to leave the European Union. Not only does it show that we continue to be able to attract large global contracts, but it also begins to lay the foundations for our post-Brexit future – one which we hope will continue to allow us to champion the exceptional talent and expertise of our staff from across Yorkshire and the Humber on an international stage.”

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