Two Erasmus+ Projects Come to an End

As the autumn draws near we have sadly come to the end of two of our favourite European projects, Prometheus and Vet to Job.


For the last 2 years Prometheus has looked to better understand the role of online guidance, developing tools and resources to help careers professionals to deliver advice via the internet. There seems to be genuine enthusiasm for what the project has achieved – advisers across Europe realise that the younger generations are living their lives online and so guidance needs to move in a similar direction in order to reach them.

Prometheus has allowed us to deliver CPD for aspire-igen staff on topics related to online guidance and social media. The final conference was also streamed online to the project’s 1,091 followers via Facebook Live, with people from as far away as America logging on to comment on the event in real time.

The online platform and mobile app will be launched in the next few weeks so keep an eye on our social media channels to find out when they become available.

Vet to Job

This two year project brought together partners from Hungary, Finland, Austria, Spain and Cyprus to share best practice in tackling youth unemployment through targeted vocational training programmes.

Our European partners expressed huge thanks to all aspire-igen staff who took time to meet with them back in February and present their experiences in working with NEET young people in Yorkshire, including Karen Umpleby and the TIAG team, Jane Elsworth Barker and Jamie Barrett. Partners said “it was great to see committed experts and professionals talking about their job” and “they apply excellent practical solutions for trainings combined with professional services”.

In true European spirit celebrating our cultural diversity has been high on the agenda and we’ll take away many memorable experiences from this project, including a traditional Finnish sauna evening, Hungarian dancing on a cattle farm, a dinner cruise on the Danube and a visit to the Famagusta ghost town, an abandoned coastal resort once known as the number one tourist destination in Cyprus. We are hopeful this is not the end and there will be continued projects for this fantastic partnership.

A collection of the best practices gathered as part of the Vet to Job project will soon be available on the aspire-international website where you will also find an archive of all our past projects.


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